Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Training

A Successful CRM Deployment Course

Watched Passed Highest Score Video Brief Description
Your Successful CRM Deployment This video explains the key steps of a Successful CRM Deployment.
Why CRM for My Business? In this lesson, learn how a CRM solution can benefit your business.
Ten Examples of How CRM Can Help a Business This video explains ten examples of how a good CRM can help a business.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales This video will detail how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help and improve your business's sales capabilities.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Service This video details how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to manage and track customer service activity within your business.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing In ten short minutes, we will go over the robust suite of marketing features that is available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and how to successfully utilize those features to promote your business.
The Power of Workflow This video is designed to show how workflows can be used to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Introduction to Simple Configurations This is a brief introduction to get you started in making simple configurations to your Dynamics CRM.
Extending and Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM This video is a high-level discussion around your choices for both extending your CRM instance, as well as integration methods with other systems.
Your CRM Decision - the Professional Way In this video we provide the methods used by companies that take their decision as to which CRM to choose seriously.
A BluePrint for Dynamics CRM The best method of executing a plan of customization for Dynamics CRM is done with a set of instructions. A "BluePrint" is what is needed.