Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Training

One Minute Video Collection Course

Watched Passed Highest Score Video Brief Description
CRM Minute - Text Messaging Yes, it's possible to send a text message with CRM! With the help of Quick Dimensions and Twilio, see how easy it can be.
CRM Minute - SharePoint Integration This one-minute video introduces the SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics Integration.
CRM Minute - Adding Users CRM Online 2015 In this "CRM Minute," learn how to add users to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 instance.
CRM Minute - Bing Maps Warning When you first start with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you will notice that a notice appears in the middle of the embedded Bing Maps iFrame on the Account, Contact and Lead entities.
CRM Minute - Calculated Fields This is a brief introduction to Calculated Fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.
CRM Minute - Connector for Power BI Learn how to connect to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment from the Power BI Designer.
CRM Minute - Privacy Preferences This video is a brief tutorial of how to manage privacy settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
CRM Minute - Static vs. Dynamic Marketing Lists In Microsoft Dynamics CRM it's possible to create both Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists. This video takes a minute of your time to show you the difference.