Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Training

Service Course

Watched Passed Highest Score Video Brief Description
Service Module Introduction Introduction to the Service Module in CRM Online.
Goal Management This video demonstrates how to create and manage Goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Creating and Resolving Cases In this video, learn how to create, assign, update, and resolve Cases in CRM Online.
Canceling and Reactivating Cases - Classic An unresolved support Case (for example one that the customer loses interest in) can be Canceled in CRM Online rather than being deleted, keeping it available to be Reactivated later if needed.
Creating a Site Learn how to create a Site in CRM Online and add Resources to it.
Creating a Service Learn how to create a Service in CRM Online, designate a Required Resource for that Service, and Activate the Service.
Setting Service Preferences Learn how customer service representatives can provide personalized customer support by recording their customer's Service Preferences in CRM Online.
Creating a Resource Group Learn how to create a Resource Group in CRM Online so that multiple resources can be scheduled for Service Activities interchangeably.
Setting Your Work Hours Learn how to set the Work Hours of User and Facility/Equipment records in CRM Online.
Scheduling a Business Closure Learn how to close your business to Service Activities and Appointments in CRM Online.
Creating Article Templates Learn how to create a new Article Template for Knowledge Base Articles in CRM Online.
Creating and Submitting a Knowledge Base Article This video walks you through the process of creating a Knowledge Base Article and then submitting it for review.
Publishing a Knowledge Base Article Learn how to publish and search for a Knowledge Base Article in CRM Online.