Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Training

Marketing Course

Watched Passed Highest Score Video Brief Description
Marketing Module Introduction This video introduces the Marketing module, covering Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Marketing Lists, Campaigns, and Quick Campaigns.
Evaluating and Removing Members of a Marketing List Learn how to evaluate and remove members of a marketing list based on specified criteria in CRM Online.
Merging Marketing Lists Learn how to merge Marketing Lists by using the Copy Marketing List function in CRM Online.
Dynamic Marketing Lists This video demonstrates how to create Dynamic Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Goal Management This video demonstrates how to create and manage Goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Creating a Campaign Template In this tutorial, learn the advantages of campaign templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, how to create a template, and how to copy campaign records .
Creating a Campaign This walkthrough takes a focused look at Campaigns in CRM Online by creating a Campaign record to coordinate the advertising activities of a new product launch.
Relating Campaigns In this short walkthrough, learn how to relate Campaigns in CRM Online and understand how this simple process is important in your company's marketing efforts
Creating a Quick Campaign In this CRM Online tutorial, we demonstrate how to create a Quick Campaign to distribute Activities of a single type to an ad-hoc list of Accounts, Contacts, or Leads.
Viewing Campaign Results Examine the performance of a Campaign and the progress of a specific Campaign Activity by viewing built-in reports.
Working with Campaign Responses Learn how to manually create a Campaign Response and convert it to a Lead record in CRM Online.