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A CRM Portal Using CRM Vertex

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For many years, the deployment of an external, customer-facing portal where your CRM contacts could sign in for self-service information was a very expensive proposition. That has changed, hence this video. xRM can now deploy a fully-operational portal for your CRM instance for less than $700! We use the CRM Vertex solution, and in this video, we describe what a good portal can do for your company and briefly demonstrate one.

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We at xRM have been advising about CRM since 1997. This video is regarding a customer portal for your CRM. The first thing we need to do is define our terms. What is a portal? Why would I want one? And how can xRM help? Specifically this video is about our CRM QuickStart Vertex Portal Deployment. First let's define what a good portal is for CRM. For a long time, we have not been happy with our explanation to our customers about how to achieve a good portal. A good portal, first, is not Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It features a sign-in to an external site, and it provides rich functionality that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Who is signing in to that site? Your customers! A good portal is interactive and it supports customer self-service information. It allows customers to access data related to them. It is also easy for you to administer and manage. Now that we agree what a good portal is, let’s talk about a few benefits. First, it will delight your customers, in fact, customers pretty much require it nowadays. Second, data is in one place, not on two systems. Third, customers will feed it and save you a lot of time. A self-service portal is always more efficient than email and phone in terms of communication. Finally, it can drive multi-channel customer social engagement. Some portals allow you to feature a discussion group where your customers can talk to each other. That can be powerful. Let’s start with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, since you are probably more familiar with it. Here, we have a customer who is a Contact in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance. He can sign in to this external portal which is powered by CRM Vertex. In that portal, he can interact with a discussion group and he can manage his orders, invoices, and contracts. He can search the knowledge base and he can register for events. If SharePoint integration is installed in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance, he can upload and download documents. Let's talk specifically about this QuickStart package. For the first time ever, xRM is able to offer the complete deployment of a customer-facing portal for less than $1000. In fact, it's priced at $699! There is an ongoing low monthly fee for the entire organization. These fixed costs are beneficial to plan for budgeting. Included in this package are the following: First, we back up any existing CRM customizations. Then we install the CRM Vertex solution. Next is the initial portal deployment where we configure the portal name, company name, currency, license information, and more. We create initial Security Roles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as needed. We then configure one invitation and one password-reminder workflow. We complete the portal configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We provide theming using primary and secondary colors, and we upload your logo if you have one. If you have terms and conditions for your portal, we implement those. And finally, while support, knowledge base, orders, invoices, contracts, and discussion groups are available for you to configure by default, we can fully configure any two of them for you. If you have needs that lie outside of these included tasks, of course we can support them, just not inside this QuickStart package. We hope this video has helped you understand a little bit more about what is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with respect to a portal and answered any questions you may have had about our QuickStart package. Thanks for watching.

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