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The dashboard for your CRM instance. A dashboard in Microsoft dynamics CRM provides a quick summary of your CRM Data in real time. Dashboards are interactive, and can be configured to mean what are for your needs are.

For example, you can choose between list based and graphical dashboard components, and can not only show personal dashboards with your information, but can share system dashboards that can be viewed by the entire company or department. In addition dashboards provide one click access to multiple entities, are completely customizable and provide context for the data you are viewing. You can drill down into the data from any dashboard component with just one click.

From viewing the details of an individual record, to opening a dashboard component larger and viewed in its own window, two viewing both graphical and list-based data representations simultaneously, your dashboard truly provides a wealth of information. We can configure a system dashboard for you with up to six dashboard components to help you get started.

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