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Workflows for your business. Automatic workflows in Microsoft dynamics CRM are generally emails, phone calls, or tasks automatically created based on changes in CRM Data, but can be pretty much anything. Any activity that is necessary and productive and is repeated over and over again by someone could benefit from a workflow. Workflows save your company valuable time and money. For example if you need to send an e-mail after each initial meeting with a company or a lead, you can create a workflow to do it for you. Let's meet about automatic workflow notifications is that they are triggered by a change such as the creation or assignment of a record. So to get the thank-you emails sent when they need to be, all you need to do is set it so that when the status of the initial meeting is changed to completed, the thank-you email gets sent. Workflows can be as simple or complex as you wish, involving just one email or task or multiple. To get you started, we will create a workflow and template notification for you.

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