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Adding Users (pre Office 365)

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Adding users is a quick and straightforward process. This video walks you through the steps of adding users to your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 system. Along the way, you get tips on the difference between adding users to a trial account versus your company’s CRM Online account, how to add users in bulk, and how to identify the number of licenses available in your account.
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Adding Users

In this video, we're going to walk through the steps of adding new users to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system. Adding new users is a straightforward process, and only requires a few simple steps. It is important to know however, that this task requires a System Administrator security role, or an equivalent permission.

First, we're going to navigate to the Settings module located in the lower left-hand corner. Then we'll click on Administration in the left navigation pane. Then we'll click on Users.

This will open a view displaying our current enabled users. To create our new user, click on the New button, which is in the far left side of the contextual ribbon.

(The Add Users dialog opens and gives a series of pages guiding us through the process like a wizard.)

We'll then be prompted to select which business unit we want to put this user in. Let's choose "CA Sales", then click Next. (The business units in your CRM Online instance will be different. Choose something appropriate.)

Then we'll indicate which Security Role will be assigned to the new user. If you are creating users for a trial account, it's recommended that you assign them a with a System Administrator role, so they are free to explore all the functionalities of CRM Online. But since we're creating a user account for a sales employee, we'll check the box next to Salesperson. Then we'll click Next. (Note: Each user may have more than one Security Role. Permissions overlap so that the user receives the maximum permissions allowed by the combination of Security Roles.)

Now we can fill out the First name and Last name of the user. As for the e-mail address, it's recommended that you use your organization's email, or a Windows Live ID.

Once the information is filled out, we click Add. Down here we can see how many licenses are available to add to our system. (Note that licenses and users remain discreet. Adding or removing users does not affect the total number of licenses in your subscription. The Licenses available: indicator shows the number of licenses not currently dedicated to any users and remaining available for new users. It reads 0 when all licenses are in use.) Now click Next.

The next step is to decide whether to send the invitation to the new user right away or not to. You may not want to send the invitation right away if you're not ready to roll out your CRM Online solution just yet, or if you're creating test accounts to play with the CRM Online environment. If you are ready, select the top circle, but since we're just creating a test user, we'll choose to add them later, and then we'll click Create New User.

Once it's finished, CRM Online will give you a summary. Go ahead and close that. Then you'll see the new user in the "Enabled Users" view.

And that's how you add users to your CRM Online system.

Thanks for watching.

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