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This video will demonstrate the power of the Advanced Find tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Advanced Find is both a search tool and a reporting tool that allows for customized queries to be performed, saved, and then shared with others. Queries like these can also be used to populate Dashboards. Let's start by performing a basic query using Advanced Find. Within Dynamics 365, click the funnel icon along the top of the screen to open Advanced Find. Click the Look For dropdown list and select the entity you'd like to query. Today, I'll choose RMAs. Next, click Select, and choose the fields you'd like to filter by. I'll choose Created By. Now, today I'm just going to query RMAs that Zena Velasquez created and approved, so click the current operator and select the desired operator from the dropdown list. Today, I'll choose Equals, but as you can see, there are many options. Next, click within the Enter Value field, then click the magnifying glass. Find the desired individual, using the same search methods as you use for standard lookup fields, and click the check mark to the left of his or her name, then click Select. Finally, click Add. Now, you can continue to add filter criteria, so for today, like I mentioned, I'll filter by RMAs Zena Velasquez not only created, but also approved. So I'll click Select for the next filter criteria, choose Approved By from the dropdown list, and repeat the steps we just did above to select the operator and individual. So, I'll click Equals Current User and change it to just Equals, and then I'll click the Enter Value field, click the check mark next to the desired name, and click Select, then Add. The query shown here is very simple, but you can make yours as complex as is desired. When all desired filter criteria has been added, simply click Results to view the results of the query. As you can see, right now, it looks like there's only one RMA that Zena Velasquez has created and approved. You can see, along the top of the window, that there are lots of options. For example: share, copy a link, and email a link allow you to share the query results with others, such as coworkers. You can also run reports on this query here. Click the Advanced Find tab to return to where you entered the original query criteria and filters; click Save As to save the results of this query as a new view. Enter text to name the view, and click Save. Now, when you navigate to the RMAs entity, this view will appear. To get there, click the down arrow next to Sales along the top of the screen, click the Field Service tile, and choose RMAs from the Inventory & Purchasing column. On the page that appears, when you click the down arrow to the right of the view name, you'll now see the view you just created in the My Views section. Again, while this view currently just shows one RMA, it's dynamic, and will update as new RMAs are created and approved by Zena Velasquez. This view could also be added in to a custom dashboard, and then that dashboard could be set as the default dashboard, which makes Advanced Find a very useful tool in making information specific to individuals or teams easily accessible. While the example shown today was quite simple, again, Advanced Find can handle very complex queries, and can provide very powerful search and reporting for your business. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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