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CRM Minute - Static vs. Dynamic Marketing Lists

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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM it's possible to create both Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists.

This video takes a minute of your time to show you the difference, as well as when to use each.

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Dynamic and Static Marketing Lists: 1. What is the difference? 2. Why would I use one over the other? The fundamental difference is that the Membership of a Dynamic list is managed automatically, through the query that is used to build it. For instance ... Leads whose zip codes starts with 900. The membership will change as leads are added and subtracted. A Static list is a list whose Members are managed manually. Common examples of a static list is who attended a recent event. Often, these lists come from events that occurred in the past, since data would remain static, and you would want it that way. Another reason to use a Static list is if you don't trust the way data is maintained in CRM. If you feel that you need more control over the membership of marketing lists use a static list. If you are comfortable letting the data drive the membership of your lists, use dynamic lists.

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