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This video will discuss an optional marketing solution called ClickDimensions. It requires a separate subscription, but many companies opt to use this solution, since it includes powerful marketing features such as email marketing, forms, surveys, analytics, and more; within Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions lets you do all of these things, as well as run reports and take action on them. First, let's take a look at a marketing dashboard that ClickDimensions makes possible. Here, you can see active sent emails with recipient, score, deliveries, opens, clicks, spam filters, unsubscribes, and date. You can see who clicked on the website, what they clicked on, and how long they stayed there. You can see the number of active email events, and details of them. And each of these dashboard components can be customized to show what's relevant to you, and views can be changed as needed by clicking the down arrow next to the view name within each dashboard component. Let's walk through just a few of the things that ClickDimensions makes possible within Dynamics 365. So, within the Leads entity, you can see that I currently have one open lead, Rickon Stark. To open a lead record, click the lead name, or double-click the blue bar. So, in addition to seeing the basic contact information for leads, and where you are within the business process flow, you can click the down arrow to the right of the lead name and see additional functionality. The green icons shown here are features of ClickDimensions. Say, for example, I want to know if Rickon Stark has been looking at our website. I can click either page views or visits. Let's click Visits and dig into what he's been interested in. At first glance, one of his visits stands out. In the Duration column, this visit was much longer than the rest. I'll double-click the blue bar to open the record. Now, you can see, not only did Rickon Stark visit our website for an extended period of time, but one of the pages he visited is where he spent the majority of his time. Double-click to open the record for more information. We can see that Rickon Stark spent the majority of his time on the Consulting, Customization, Integration, and Training page. But so what? Why does that matter? We can use this information to tailor our conversations with Rickon Stark around what he seems interested in: consulting, customization, integration, and training. ClickDimensions even shows how the individual got to the website to begin with - Rickon Stark intentionally came to our website, so it says Direct Traffic. If he had gotten to our site via a link from an external site, or an email, we'd be able to see that, too. Now, let's click the down arrow to the right of his name again, and choose Page Views. Page views are similar to Visits, but visits show the entire duration of the visit and every page he visited each time he navigated to our site. Page views, in contrast, is simply a record for each time he visited one of our pages, how he got there, and how long he was on that page. I can see that another page he spent a bit of time on was our minute videos page, which makes sense if we align it with him looking at training options. We can use this information to maybe even further focus our conversations with him to training. Click the down arrow again and select Sent Emails. Let's see which of the emails we've sent him he actually opened and clicked on. And make sure they're being delivered in the first place. So, it looks like our emails have been getting delivered, which is a good thing. I can see that this email received 6 clicks, so I could open up the email to see what we sent him and what he clicked on. This would help us know which marketing materials he appears to have interest in, and can give us insight into our audience as a whole and what works and what doesn't. If I scroll down, I see the email with the most clicks was this one, so let's click the email subject to open it. It looks like this was an email conversation answering some specific questions Rickon Stark had, so it makes sense that he opened it. If we wanted, we could actually even click the emails themselves to see the exact conversation. For now, though, let's move on. If I click the down arrow to the right of his name once more, I see additional ClickDimensions functionality specific to Rickon Stark. Email Events, Posted Fields, and Posted Forms. But there's more to ClickDimensions than what you see here. Click the menu icon and choose marketing; the last two columns are features of ClickDimensions. Here's where you'll find, in addition to the items we just talked about, surveys and subscription preferences. In addition, click the Settings tile and choose ClickDimensions; this is where you'll go to set everything up! Let's take a look at the ClickDimensions website for just a moment. The Features section of their website gives you everything you need to know to determine if this solution is right for you. You can see and click specific features easily and quickly, and dig in further if it's something you want to know more about. Scrolling down the page, you get a high-level overview of each feature. Intuitive bulk email marketing and reporting on sends, opens, clicks, and bounces. Multi-channel campaign automation, visual and simple, just drag and drop. Easy-to-create web forms to gather info from visitors and automatically create lead or contact records. Integration with some of the most common virtual meeting tools that pulls registration information back into Dynamics 365. Integrated reporting on emails, web visits, page views and more. Simple survey creation and distribution that links survey results back to Dynamics 365 records. Web intelligence showing what people are looking at and what they aren't. Lead scoring based on values set for each of your pages and who goes to which page. Landing page creation with no HTML knowledge required. Text message marketing. Connecting on social media. ClickDimensions provides excellent rapid deployment and onboarding options. And finally, resources to help you find the answers you need, when you need them. As you can see, ClickDimensions provides tremendous insight into the leads who are looking at your website, and what they may be interested in. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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