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Creating a Custom Field

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Welcome to Creating a Custom Field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This video utilizes a custom entity and an option set. To learn how to create these on your own, check out the Creating a Custom Entity and Creating an Option Set videos, available on the Success Portal. Within the custom field we are about to create, we will use the option set, Gender, to identify the gender of a sports league at a fitness club. Please note that in order to create custom fields, you must have the role of system administrator or system customizer, or equivalent permissions. First, click the menu icon along the top of the screen, then click Settings. Choose Customizations within the Customization section. On the page that appears, click Customize the System. In the window that appears, click Entities in the left navigation menu, then Sports Leagues, then click Fields. Click New on the page that appears. Enter the desired display name for the field; we'll call this field Gender. You'll notice that CRM autopopulates the Name field with Gender as well. If desired, you can change the Name field prior to saving, but once the record has been saved, you will no longer be able to change the Name field, even if you change the Display Name field. Click the dropdown for Field Requirement; you'll see three options. If you choose Optional, users will not be required to complete the field in order to save the record. If you choose Business Recommended, users will not be required to complete the field in order to save the record either, but the field will be marked with a plus sign to indicate it is recommended to complete. If you choose Business Required, the field will be marked with a red asterisk, indicating that it must be completed in order to save the record. For this example, we will select Business Required. The Searchable field allows us to choose if we want this field to be shown in a list of fields in Advanced Find for this entity. For example, if we choose Yes, users will be able to use Advanced Find to search for all female leagues. Let's choose Yes. In the Field Security field, we choose whether or not system administrators can determine which users or teams in CRM Online have access to this field. Let's choose Disable so that all users and teams have access to this field. The Auditing field allows us to enable or disable auditing; for more information on this field, check out the Auditing video, available on the Success Portal. For today, I'll choose Enable. Next up is the Type section. You'll start by choosing the Data Type; keep in mind that based on what you select here, the rest of the fields within this section will change. I'll choose Option Set since we are going to use the Gender option set that was created in the Creating an Option Set video. In the Field Type field, choose either Simple or Calculated; for this, we'll use Simple. Select the radio button for Yes within the Use Existing Option Set field, since the Gender option set was already created. You'll notice that, again, the subsequent fields change based on this selection. In the Option Set field, choose Gender from the dropdown list. In the Default Value field, choose the value the field should automatically populate with, if any; for example, if I choose Male, then the gender for any new sports league will automatically be male, so today, I'm going to choose Unassigned Value, which will leave it blank until a user chooses the sports league's gender. Click Save and Close. Now, in order to use the custom field, we must publish it. Click Sports League in the left navigation menu, then click Publish. Once published, the custom field can now be displayed in forms within the entity it was added to. For more information on doing this, check out the Adding Fields and Configuring Forms video, available on the Success Portal. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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