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Creating a New App in Microsoft PowerApps

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Welcome to Creating a New App in Microsoft PowerApps. This video will detail the basic steps to follow to create a new app in Microsoft PowerApps. Essentially, PowerApps is a simple way for the average person to create the apps they, specifically, need. Developers and other employees alike can quickly create the apps they need with data they already have, be it on-premises or cloud-based. To get started, log in to PowerApps. In the bottom left corner of the screen, click the New app button, then choose one of the two options that appear: PowerApps Studio for Windows or PowerApps Studio for web. If you aren't running Windows 8 or 10, you'll want to choose the web version. Let's use the Windows version today, though. If you have not yet downloaded it, you'll need to do so. Remember, if you're using the Windows version, you can actually access it from the menu of your computer after downloading, rather than logging in to Click the New tab along the left side of the screen, and you'll be able to choose to either start with your data, or start with a blank canvas or template. Let's start with existing data. Click Phone layout for the desired data connection. Choose the desired dataset from the list that appears. Choose the desired table, so the desired data for the app to display, then click Connect. Your app will build. From here, you get to design your app. You'll see three screens along the left side of the page: Browse, Detail, and Edit. Click on the desired screen to edit it. Choose the desired layout along the right side of the page. Next, you'll update what appears here. Click on an item on the screen, and along the right side of the screen, you'll have the opportunity to select the content that appears within that item. For example, if I want Account Name to appear here, I'll click the part of the layout I want it in, then choose Account Name from the dropdown in the Content window. Design the rest of the app in the same way, changing anything desired. You can even change fonts and text colors, and add new screens to the app. For more information on app design, check out the additional videos, available on the Success Portal. To finish your app, click File. Enter text for the desired app name, choose an icon from those available, or upload your own, choose a background color, and enter a description for the app, if desired. Click Save. Verify the desired app name, then click Save again. Click File, then Close to return to PowerApps. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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