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Creating an Option Set

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Welcome to Creating an Option Set in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. An option set is a list of values that a user chooses from when entering data into a field; it can take the form of a dropdown list, radio buttons, or checkboxes. In this video, we will create an option set that will be used for the custom entity Sports League that was created for a fitness center that hosts competitive sports leagues. To learn how we created this custom entity, check out the Creating a Custom Entity video. The option set we're going to create will be called Gender, which will distinguish if a sports league is male, female, or co-ed.

In order to create option sets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you must have the role of System Administrator, or System Customizer, or equivalent privileges.

First, click the menu icon along the top of the screen, then click Settings. Choose Customizations within the Customization section. On the page that appears, click Customize the System.

In the window that appears, click Option Sets in the left navigation menu. Click New on the page that appears.

In the New Option Set window, enter the desired display name; in this case, Gender. You'll notice that the Name field autopopulates with Gender as well; if desired, you can modify the Name field prior to saving, but once the option set has been saved, you will not be able to go back in and edit the Name field, even if you choose to change the Display Name field. In the Options field, we'll create the options we want for this option set; remember, we want three different options, male, female, and co-ed. Click the green plus sign, also known as the Add icon. You'll notice the word Item appears in the Options field; in the Label field, change the word Item to Male, then click outside the box and it will update within the Options field as well. The Value field is autopopulated with an integer that CRM will use to identify this value within the system; you can choose to edit the autopopulated values, but we'll just leave this one as-is. Let's repeat the steps we just followed to create two more options; female and co-ed. You'll notice that the Value field automatically assigns a different number to each option. Once all three options have been added, click Save and Close. Before you're able to use the new option set within CRM, you must publish it. To do so, click the check mark to the left of the option set name to select, then click Publish.

The next thing you'll need to do to use this option set within the custom entity, Sports League, is create a custom field; take a look at the Creating a Custom Field video to learn more.

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