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Installing the Project Service Automation Trial Solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Welcome to installing the Project Service Automation trial solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This solution became available with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1; since it doesn't come out-of-the-box, this video will show you how to get it. Within the Microsoft AppSource store, click Try for Trial for Project Service Automation. In the window that appears, click Continue to agree to the terms of use. On the page that appears, choose the CRM organization to connect the solution to, then check the boxes to agree to the related terms. Click Agree. Next, from the Office 365 Admin center preview page, click Admin centers in the left navigation menu, then choose CRM. On the Manage all CRM Online instance page, click the instance you'd like to add the solution to. Click the pencil icon next to Solutions. Click the row for Trial for Project Service Automation, then click the pencil icon for Install. It may take a few minutes to install the solution. Log in to CRM, and click the menu icon. You'll see the Project Service tile now appears here. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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