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Introduction to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Free Trial

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Welcome to Introduction to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition Free Trial video.

First, use this link to download the Enterprise Edition free trial. The first screen you'll see is this.

Enter the requested information, then click Just one more step. On the page that appears, complete the fields as appropriate, then click Create my account. You may need to complete text message or phone call verification. Once finished, log in at with the username and password you just created. It may take a few minutes before Dynamics 365 is done being set up.

Click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose the Dynamics 365 tile.

When Dynamics 365 opens, I recommend checking out the quick tour before moving forward. Let's do that.

The tour covers the basics, as follows:

  • • Click Dynamics 365 within the menu bar to open the task bar
  • • Within the task bar, you can return to the Home page, launch or switch between apps, and unpin apps
  • • Click My apps within the task bar to see and search for apps, and pin apps to the task pane
  • • Access Settings and Help within the menu bar
  • • Click Sync at any time to ensure all of your apps are appearing

Add and create apps using the AppSource and PowerApps buttons on your home page.

For world class help with Dynamics 365, including access to hundreds of instructional videos, log in to Office 365 (via and in the left navigation menu, click Billing, then choose Subscriptions. Click the dropdown menu for More actions, then choose Add Partner of record (if you've previously established a POR, choose Edit partner of record).

Enter 565380 as the Partner number, and click Check ID. When you receive the green "Partner found: xRM" message, click Submit.

When the Partner of Record has been successfully updated, a message will appear to let you know. Click Close.

Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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