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Productive Business Process Flows

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A Business Process Flow is represented by a bar across the top of an entity form, such as a Lead or a Case. The business process Flow contains “Stages and Steps.” Together, these “Stages” and “Steps” make up a Business Process Flow. A Stage is a part of a process that contains one or more steps, and a step is an item that could be an “action”, or simply a “data point” that is important for the overall Process Flow. Steps also happen to be fields in the database - data elements that are collected and tracked along the way. Process Flows can increase sales productivity in two important ways: by communicating to the end user the important steps and stages in the sale, service, or custom process that is unique to an organization and by potentially enforcing a standardized system, which so many organizations lack. Business Process Flows also help track critical data elements that must be captured during the process itself, and in conjunction with the appropriate entity, such as the Lead, the Case, or whichever entity or entities support the process.

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