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Project Service Automation: Resources

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Welcome to Project Service Automation: Resources. This video will give an overview of the content within the Resources module of the Project Service Automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Resources module has four distinct sections: Resource Availability, Resource Utilization, Resource Requests, and Resources. First, let's talk about Resource Availability. This is actually a calendar that shows you each resource's availability each day, week, or month. When you first navigate to the Resource Availability page, you'll have the following options for looking at available resources: • Sort. You can sort by name or availability. • View. The automatic view will be Availability, but you can also choose Candidate to, instead, see information about each resource in contact-card style, with location, contact information, skills, utilization, and cost displayed. • Filter. This option opens a sidebar where you can filter the resources you see by teams, roles, skills, and more. • Options. The menu of additional options includes a few extras, including Force Refresh, and Booking Type - hard, soft, or proposed. • Search. You can search for a specific resource. After clicking to select a resource, you'll see two additional options appear near the top of the page: Book, and Cancel Booking. Let's check out the next section within the Resources module: Resource Utilization. Here, you will see and be able to filter and sort the resources that are booked for each day, week, and month. This is a great way to get a quick overview of the consultants currently working on projects at any given time. Next, let's review the Resource Requests section. Here, you'll see any current resource requests and have the options to delete them, email links to them, or do reporting on them. The line items that show up here are populated from the projects themselves. When you're working on a project, within the Resource Requirements section, you can select the roles you want to request resources for, then click Submit Request. A resource manager will then go in and approve requests. It's important to note that, rather than requesting a resource, you also have the option to do a hard booking straight from the Resource Requirements section of a project. The last section within the Resources module is Resources. This is a comprehensive list of all of your resources. You can see different selections of resources by choosing the desired view from the dropdown menu -- be it Active or Inactive Bookable Resources, Contact or User Resources, etc. You can also create new resources, delete resources, email links to them, or do reporting on them here. That's it for this overview of the Resources module of the Project Service Automation solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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