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Why Foundation xRM for Advancement

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Welcome to Why Foundation xRM for Advancement. Let's dive right in. First of all, Foundation xRM is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and as such, the full functionality of that platform is available to anyone who subscribes to Foundation xRM. Second, the approach. You'll find constituent management, fundraising management, and marketing tools, just like you could expect in any advancement solution, but Foundation xRM is set apart in a few ways. While most advancement systems focus on the entering of data, Foundation xRM is built to provide better outputs, which ultimately helps organizations raise more money. Also, Foundation xRM is not locked down, so further development and customizations are possible. Out-of-the-box, the typical functions will all be available, but the ability to make changes exists, and is encouraged, unlike with many advancement solutions. Making changes, in fact, is encouraged so much so that Foundation xRM deployment packages include customizations for advancement processes specific to your organization. It's a combination of power of platform and extensibility and flexibility that puts Foundation xRM on a whole new level within the Advancement space. There are three Consortia Deployment Packages available: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Visit to review the different packages and what they offer in detail. As you can see, the Intermediate and Advanced packages include additional services that the Basic package does not, so take a look to determine which package is right for your business. Thanks for watching this video by xRM!

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