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As you probably are aware, there is a 5 GB limit on the entire database for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance without being charged extra storage fees. With mail systems allowing larger and larger attachments these days, that 5 GB can be consumed pretty quickly if you are tracking your emails in CRM, as most companies do. What if there was a way to automatically strip the attachment out, and then place it somewhere in the context of the email itself in CRM – but have it NOT count against your 5 GB quota? In fact, there is. xRM has created an Attachment Extractor that does exactly that – each attachment that lands in CRM is stripped from the CRM version of the email, placed in either DropBox or SharePoint (your choice) and with links to the actual files stored in the context of the CRM Email! Thus, the files remain associated with the email (and whatever record that email is associated with), they are instantly accessible from CRM as if they remained in CRM … except that they are stored in a place where storage is much, much less expensive

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